Sámi Duodjis collections

Sámi Duodji have collaborated with Ájtte museum within frame of AIDA project (Arctic Indigenous Design Archives, https://arkisto.fi/aida/ is AIDA’s website). The goal of the project was to establish and create artist archives with artist active in Sápmi. Individual dujoár archives was formed with the focus not on objects and creations but instead other interesting things that is important to the process. By preserving sketches, portfolios, photos, letters, marketing materials, the focus was moved from the creations and the end result to the process of creation. The archives was later used by students at Sami Allaskuvla as a reference for their own creations and process. It was also used by students at Jokkmokk and Inari high school. Sameslöjdstiftelsen donated a number of items to Ájtte.

Sámi Duodji’s archive consists of nearly 300 objects. The majority of these objects is from the northern sami tradition but there is also objects that represent lule-, pite- and ume sami traditions as well as south sami traditions. It is an almost equal representation between female and male artist and some of the objects are made through collaboration. Leather and textile is the most common material, thereafter wood and horn and lastly silver and glass.

48 objects is shown in the Ájtte exhibition Duodje and all objects can be found in the museum database Carlotta.

Digital ways to view the collection.

  • Go to Ájtte’s website www.ajtte.com
  • At the bottom of the first page there is a red box with the text “Sök i våra samlingar”
  • Press the button “Sök här”
  • Or visit http://collections.ajtte.com/web
  • You will reach a page with a searchfield at the top on the right.
  • If you want to look at all the obejcts in Sámi Duodji’s collection. Type SaD in the searchfield. You are also able to view a specific artist, type surname and first name in the searchfield.
  • If you want to have a closer look or get more information about an object you can click the image of the object. If you find any errors please contact Ájtte: info@ajtte.com