Duodji och mat

Tradition, opportunity, togetherness and development connects Sami arts and crafts and Sami food culture. This project is both a cultural and a business development project with Sami food, arts and crafts at its core.

In both food and arts and crafts the knowledge about raw materials is of great importance, but perhaps more important is the people behind the knowledge who is able to manage and develop their knowledge and arts.

The goal of the projects is to highlight possibilities in new and current arenas, to perform relevant educations and to create new networks.

This project will run until September 2020 and is aimed to contributors in previously mentioned areas. The project is partially funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Do you want to partake or know more?

Please contact AnnMargit Larsdotter at annmargit@sameslojdstiftelsen.com. If you want to contact the project manager call 070 272 98 64.

Duodji och mat-träffen i Tärnaby som var planerad att hållas under våren har blivit preliminärt flyttad till 26-29 september.