Welcome to our store

In the store we sell Sami arts, crafts and design from the Swedish part of Sápmi. Through Sameslöjdstiftelsen about 60 artist are selling their craft to the store visitors.

Om inget annat anges är butiken öppen måndag till fredag: 12.00 -16.00.

The store is located at Porjusvägen 4, Jokkmokk.
Phone 0971-128 94 or 070-205 54 10

During markets, exhibition and other events our opening hours might change.
Those changes are announced here.

A warm welcome!

Are you interested in selling your craft in our store?

Please contact us and we will help you out info@sameslojdstiftelsen.com or call 0971-128 94 or 070-205 54 10